Accepting your invitation

Accepting your Invitation

The first step towards setting up your profile is accepting the email invitation that has been sent from your church.  

Each invitation is specific to that email address so they can’t be forwarded from another email address.  If this was sent to you from a friend, please make sure that they sent it from the RightNow Media Contacts page and didn’t share the invitation that they received through their email address.  

If you have not received an invitation there are several possibilities.

·        Sometimes the email invitations are sent to your spam/junk folder so you might want to check there.

·        The church may not have your email address on file or may have an incorrect address.  Check with one of the leaders to be sure they have the correct email address for you.

·        If you are using Gmail, invitations are sometimes sorted into your “Promotions” or “Social” Folder.

Once you have found your email invitation, choose “accept invite” to begin setting up your profile.

 Profile Setup

The profile set up page is where you can enter you name, choose and confirm a password (must be between 8 – 15 characters), and verify the email address.


If instead of the profile page above, you are brought to a profile page that says “Great News” as seen below, you can follow this link to learn more about an invitation that has already been accepted.


Once you have filled out the information on the profile setup page, you can select “Go” to finish the process.  You are now free to view all of the great teaching that can be found in this library.  Enjoy!


We recommend bookmarking RightNow Media in your browser so that you can find it more easily next time.  You can learn about this by following one of the links below.  We encourage you not to use the email invitation as a normal means of accessing the site after your profile is in place.