As we are learning to be the church of Jesus Christ in the current pandemic situation, we are delighted to take the following steps forward on our journey together. Worship is still online only during this time of Covid-19 limitations, we are still able to baptize you at WVBC.

Here are some important steps:

  1. Take our Baptist Course:  Please contact us to be connected for 3 sessions via Zoom or some other safe platform.  This course has been offered to small groups of candidates wishing to explore why baptism and what it means to belong in a local body of God. As we move forward we will determine whether those interested will meet one-to-one with a facilitator or if a group connection is more effective.
  2. Baptism Location: Church Sanctuary
    • 1 scheduled baptismal candidate (if another individual from same household is being baptized they can be scheduled one after the other).
    • Pastor present outside the baptism tank (2 m distancing).
    • 1 video recorder present also maintaining distancing.
    • Maximum of 20 people from candidate’s household, family or friends may attend to witness the baptism.
    • must observe WVBC protocols for the sanctuary and especially distancing (those protocols listed below).
  3. Baptism:
    • only be one baptism allowed per session unless there are 2 candidates from the same household.
    • candidate is encouraged to arrive for their baptism at the scheduled time in the clothes that they will be baptized in (these clothes will get wet).
    • Pastor will walk candidate through the act of baptism, but will not be in the water to maintain social distance.
    • candidate will engage and respond with pastor and at the appropriate time will kneel down to immerse self in water.
    • private and safe space will be provided immediately following the baptism for the candidate to change into dry clothes.
    • All people present will be requested to leave the sanctuary immediately following the baptism.
  4. Baptism Recording:
    • ideally baptism will be recorded to be included in a future Zoom Worship Service in order for our faith family to participate and celebrate this occasion.
    • where possible we would also like to post to our WVBC website and/or Facebook page so that others are blessed by this testimony of faith.
    • candidate’s permission will be requested.
    • if this is not possible, the recording can be made available to share with an appropriate group of friends and family.


  1. Please stay home if you:
    • have fever, coughing or shortness of breath
    • have had covid-19 symptoms in last 14 days
    • have contact with an afflicted person in last 14 days
    • have returned from international travel within last 14 days
  2. Observe strict physical distancing of 2 meters
    • Pastor will be present outside the baptism tank (2 m) to conduct baptism
    • candidate will enter and be in the water for the ceremony
  3. Masks Strongly Recommended (candidate excepted)
  4. Observe regular handwashing and disinfecting
    • hand sanitization required upon entry to the sanctuary for your baptism
    • a station is provided
  5. Candidate contact information required
    • each baptism candidate will be required to provide contact information
    • any individuals accompanying the candidate required to provide contact information to be recorded for contact purposes in the event of an outbreak
  1. No Food or Beverages
  2. Brief Baptism Session
    • only one baptism will be scheduled and recorded at a time
    • IF baptism candidates are from the same household, the baptisms may be scheduled for the same session.

Adherence is required.