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'Conflict Resolution in the Church'
Pastor Bob Bahr
Pastor Bob Bahr
Sunday, November 12, 2023
Order of Service
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Worship Song:                 Your Name                                     

Welcome:                         Lindsay Forsyth

The Last Post:                  Tom Walker

Worship Songs:                Lord I Need You

                                             Build My Life

Opening Prayer               Lindsay Forsyth

Worship Song:                 Is He Worthy?

Prayers of the People:    Pastor Bob Bahr  

Announcements:             Pastor Bob Bahr

Worship Song:                 When We See Your Face

Scripture Reading:          Acts 15: 1 - 15 NLT

Message:                          Pastor Bob Bahr

                                    ‘Conflict Resolution in the Church’

Offertory Response:       It Is Well With My Soul

Benediction:                     Pastor Bob Bahr