Childrens Ministries

MaNNa – More than Just bread…

Manna: spiritual nourishment of divine origin (American Heritage Dictionary) Babies to Grade 5 Sunday School

  • – Childcare for Babies and Toddlers
  • – Preschool – 2 1/2 to 4 year olds
  • – Kindergarten – Grade 1 Class
  • – Grade 2 – 5 Class

Kindergarten through Grade 5 children have the opportunity to celebrate together with their families in the service.  They will be dismissed after the MaNNa Moment to integrated MaNNa classes in the CE Wing.

MAGMA (Grades 6-7)

“When magma breaks through the earth’s crust, it does so with such force that it has the power to move mountains.”  (Geology website)

The breaking through from childhood to adolescence is not an easy journey for a young person.  Our goal is to provide them with a loving community of peers and leaders to help with this important transition.  We believe that this age group has fantastic faith potential, faith powerful enough to “move mountains.”

Sunday Mornings

Every Sunday, the Grade 6-7’s will have the opportunity to worship together with their families in the main service.  They will then leave partway through the service (with the children) and meet in their own space in the Adult Lounge.  Sundays will be a great opportunity for community building, Biblical teaching and discussion of age-relevant issues (not to mention snacks).