Magma – Middle-School

Grades 6 through 8 (11 to 13 year olds)

Magma is our ministry with Junior High students. This has been a vibrant group in our faith family for many years. There is a core group of about six to eight students in Sunday morning Bible class. RightNow Media has been a rich resource of video led Bible studies that stimulate the students and a great assistance to those parents facilitating Magma on a rotating schedule. Our curriculum regularly includes Youth ALPHA, Identity in Christ, and Baptism and Belonging, alongside appropriate and new topical questions offered through RightNow Media. A huge thank you goes to Sandy Maduke Hicks, Kristin Ng, Jing Wong, and Betsy Chen for your willingness, courage, and commitment to facilitate Magma on the weeks that I am scheduled with the younger children. The students feel valued through your involvement and respond well to it. As always,     pre-teens love food and we are all grateful to those moms, as well as Shabnam Rashid, who have provided snack each week. These kids must be Baptists – food is a highlight!

MAGMA Events
(once per month social events for co-ed 11, 12 & 13 year olds)

Social Events are offered one Saturday night per month (The students would like it to happen at least twice per month – we need keen parents in order to facilitate this). Popular annual events have been: Laser Tag, Lord-of-the-Froot-Loops, Mission Possible, Club 6/7 Rally at Missions Fest, Snow Tubing, Speed Games, Minute-to-Win-It, Movie Night, and swimming.
Events are still considered a valuable ministry as students feel free to bring their friends to interact, play, laugh, eat, and participate in some wholesome fun together. We are particularly grateful to parents who faithfully provide food and rides to and fro.