You are not alone on the path to healing

DivorceCare is here to help.  Don't try to go through separation or divorce alone.  Connect with us currently online.  You will find caring people who understand the issues you face and practical counsel for decision-making and managing stress.

You probably have a few questions about DivorceCare.  What will it be like? How will that work? DivorceCare is partnering with our group leader to keep you informed and connected as they will offer this new opportunity for ministry and support.

Here's what you can expect.  After you sign up for a group, your leader will send you more details about how your group will meet for group discussion.  You'll also receive an email from your leader about how to use your email to log in to watch the videos of the DivorceCare sessions.

Once you log in you'll have access to all the sessions.  With this online option, you can continue to receive support from your group from anywhere.

You may JOIN anytime. 

Current Session

Saturday Mornings February 5 to April 30, 2022 - 10:00am to 12pm 
13-week video session - $35 includes participant booklet

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