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Pastor's Message - Chris Kibble

In his book, Sources of Strength, President Jimmy Carter shared this lesson. ’After a personal witnessing experience with Eloy Cruz, an admirable Cuban pastor who had surprising rapport with very poor immigrants from Puerto Rico, I asked him for the secret of his success. He was modest and embarrassed, but he finally said, "Senor Jimmy, we only need to have two loves in our lives. For God, and for the person who happens to be in front of us at any time." That simple yet profound theology has been a great help to me in understanding the Scriptures. In essence, the whole Bible is an explanation of those two loves. 

Special Announcements

Dusty Sandals: you’re cordially invited to a complimentary Indian dinner at 5pm on Sunday, September 25 to see a presentation by the Dusty Sandals society. They reach out to the ‘untouchables’ of India. You can sign up under ‘Events’ on our website. Call Shaku on 604.442.9815 if you have any questions.

Council Email: if you have any thoughts for Council, please send them to a special email we’ve created This will be reviewed on a regular basis. 

Concert of Hope: Poh-Lin Koh from our congregation is the featured pianist at a Concert of Hope for piano and organ to be held at St Augustine’s church, W7th/Maple on Saturday, September 24th at 1.00 pm. Money will be taken by donation, and proceeds will go to the Red Cross. Chopin’s Piano Concerto #2 will be featured, with classical solos, sacred duets, and violin selections.

H20: We will start a 10-week course called H20 on Wednesday, September 28 at 7.00 pm in the Fireside room. What is H20? Well, water of course. It’s an opportunity for those unfamiliar with the gospel of Christ to openly consider – or maybe even drink of – the Living Water, Jesus Christ. It’s also an opportunity for Christians to reaffirm their basic beliefs. You can sign up under ‘events’ on our website. If you have any questions, by all means, call Pastor Chris at 778-987-8102.

WVBC Choir: People of all ages are invited to join a WVBC casual choir. We want to bring the church community together with our love of singing praises to God. We will begin simply and learn songs in different styles to sing occasionally on Sunday. Meet in the Fireside Room from 11:30 to 12:25 for rehearsal, starting Sunday, October 2. If you have questions, please email  

The Holy Spirit – Sovereign, Wild and Unpredictable is now available on the church website and the church YouTube channel.  We give thanks to Pastor Bob Bahr for coming in and recording this sermon. 

Livestream – Please pray for those who are operating the camera and those working on the sound and other issues and glitches.  We are working through all the issues and new soundboards will be installed shortly. Thank you for your support during this time. 

Disabled parking: please only park in the parking lot disabled spaces if you are eligible to do so. 

Small groups: if you would like to join a small group at the church, Debra Ames will be in the foyer after the service to discuss small groups with you. If you’re not in a small group, why not consider joining one?