Joshua 8
The End of the Beginning

The End of the Beginning

After the reasons reasons for their defeat at Ai are resolved, The Israelites return to Ai and triumph. But before they extend their campaign into the promised land, God has two more lessons for them at Mt. Ebal


The return to Ai

  • God's encouragement
  • The battle

The lessons at Mt. Ebal

  • Moving to Mt. Ebal
  • The altar
    • Moses words
    • Significance of the altar
    • Where they would later go wrong
  • The words of the law
    • Moses words
    • The implications
    • Israel's history


  • God is faithful to his promises
  • He is a holy God who hates sin
  • He is a God who forgives
  • He is a God who saves
  • His Word is central
  • He seeks our obedience