2 Corinthians 9:6-7


Giving is a thoroughly biblical principle. But we need to consider a whole range of questions when it comes to our giving. Why do we do it? How much? Who should receive it? And how often should we give? We'll be looking at the practical side of giving.


  1. Why give?
    • Because Jesus gave
    • Blessings in this life
    • Because of eternal reward
    • Because it brings glory to God
    • Because generosity and Christian discipleship go hand in hand
    • It's not our money anyway
  2. How much do you give?
    • It's your choice
    • Give according to what you have
    • Give generously where you have the opportunity
    • So how much?
  3. Who to give to
    • The church
    • Fellow Christians
    • The poor
    • Sundry
  4. When to give
    • During your lifetime
    • First fruits
    • Regularly
  5. How to give