Acts 13:1-13 NLT
Principles of Church Outreach

Principles of Church Outreach

This week we will be reading Acts 13 and reflecting on the life and ministry of Barnabas and Saul as they launch the first official missional initiative of the church.

Please read through this chapter and reflect on their missionary strategy. How can we use this strategy in our churches today as we seek to penetrate our community and culture with the good news of Jesus?

Whenever we decide to reach out with the gospel to impact the lives of others we need a clear strategy moving forward.

In the late Spring of 44 A.D., the church in Antioch set apart Barnabas and Saul as apostles. They then laid hands on them along with Barnabas’ cousin John Mark. These three men then launched the first missionary journey of the church.

The Jewish hostility to the gospel led Paul and Barnabas to switch their missionary strategy and from then on, they primarily preached to Gentiles. A huge shift of focus which made Christianity a world religion.

What do we learn from this missionary journey?

  1. Believers are called to spread the gospel, but our efforts should always go hand-in-hand with the guidance of the Holy Spirit
  2. The enemy will try to stop us when we live a life dedicated to sharing the gospel
  3. We don't always get along with each other, and sometimes our calling takes us in opposite directions
    • However, we are still called to love and support one another as members of one body
  4. God will not hesitate to perform signs and wonders to show His power if it expands His kingdom
  5. Good leaders do not keep a tight grip on leadership
    • They train and equip others to carry on
  6. Effective ministry takes place when leaders see where God is working and walk in His footsteps
  7. Every ministry has a shelf life.  It is not intended to exist forever