As we are learning to be the church of Jesus Christ in the current pandemic situation, we are delighted to take the following steps forward on our journey together.

Worship is still online only with intention to hold the first live service for 49 people on September 13, 2020. Zoom services will continue throughout the summer, and will continue in conjunction with the live services in September.

Effective immediately

Church boards, committees, staff and small groups may meet in person in small numbers and respecting local restrictions.

 Use of campus facilities must be booked through main office so that scheduling can accommodate all distancing protocols and sensitization considerations.

*Call the office to schedule your meeting room, date and time. 604.922.0911 


Please stay home if you:

  1. have a fever, coughing or shortness of breath,
  2. have had covid-19 symptoms in last 14 days,
  3. have had contact with an afflicted person in last 14 days,
  4. have returned from international travel within last 14 days.

Observe strict physical distancing of 2 meters

Please see the maximum numbers posted for each space on campus to ensure proper physical distancing.

  1. Fireside Room – max. 20 people,
  2. Stage Room – max. 20 people,
  3. Adult Lounge – max. 10 people,
  4. Prayer Room – max. 4 people,
  5. Board Room – max. 4 people.

When possible please consider bringing a lawn chair and meeting outside.

 Masks Strongly Recommended

  1. recommend open doors and windows for airflow during meetings,
  2. encourage individuals to wear their own mask,
  3. boxed masks will be available in the room for those without a mask,
  4. if you will be singing as a small group please wear your mask.

Sanitization / Cleaning

  1. Hand sanitization is required upon entry,
  2. a station will be provided at the entrance of each room – participants are required to use it upon entry,
  3. disinfection wipes will also be available. (eg. wipe doorknobs, faucets, counters, toilet flusher as used),
  4. 1 wipe is effective to use for surface area of 1 restroom visit (door / stall / flush / faucet and exit,
  5. sanitizing solution will also be available in each room for clean-up upon leaving. Each group is responsible to wipe down all surfaces used – especially remember high use areas.

 Attendance is required to be recorded for contact purposes in the event of an outbreak

 No Food or Beverages

  1. no coffee or tea made or served on premises,
  2. you may bring your own coffee or tea with you,
  3. no food except for individually packaged and served.

Brief Meetings

It is recommend that meetings be briefer in duration than those before the pre-pandemic norms as possible.  If you wish longer meeting/fellowship time consider bringing a lawn chair and meeting outside.

People over 60, those with underlying medical conditions, who have weakened immune systems, and those who have family members at home who are vulnerable are encouraged to participate in online activities only.

Adherence is required!