June 28, 2020 – Pilgrims: Here for a Short Time, Not a Long Time

Sermon by: Rev. Dr. Axel Schoeber

Scripture: Psalm 39
As we journey through life, it can feel short, shaky and shallow.  It can also bring rich blessing and depth, and impart much goodness.

Sermon Outline:

Pilgrimage is not about earning God’s favour

  • It can help us seek the Lord more fully.
  • Whether we travel or not, we are all pilgrims through this life.

Psalm 39 may have been written when Absalom tried to overthrow his father, King David. (See 2 Samuel 15-19.)

  • It teaches us 3 things: life is short.
  • How quickly our sense of security can collapse.
  • David tried to deal with his indignation by ignoring it. This strategy failed.
  • Venting our rage often backfires.
  • We need to process our anger.
  • Prayer allows us to gain perspective on negative circumstances.
  • “I do not have time to be angry.”
  • We can be patient, for we too have contributed to the world’s heartaches. (1 John 1:8,10.)
  • Genesis 47:7-9: life is short.

Life is shaky

  • Life’s familiar moorings can disappear. Then what?
  • Jacob was gloomy about the challenges he had faced. Yet, overall, his life turned out well.
  • Most of us will experience a similar pattern: challenges amid many blessings.
  • A generally positive confidence in God’s provision sustains our journey.

Life can be shallow

  • Whether pursuing wealth or fun, we will find they are not ultimately satisfying.
  • Walking with the Lord brings life depth—and prepares us for the richness of eternity.
  • We need to come to Christ in faith.
  • This depth helps us navigate life’s sorrows.
  • We seek goodness in our relationships with God and with others.
  • As we journey through life, the Lord can make us terrific pilgrims.