September 13, 2020 – A Hurting Heart & Remembering Halley Platt Olsen

By Rev. Dr. Axel Schoeber

Scripture: Isaiah 49: 15-18 (NIV)

This Sunday will be the first in a new series.
This week we will reflect on how God wants to heal our hurting hearts.
Will we bring our pains to God, so he can transform them?

Sermon Audios

English Audio
Mandarin Audio - 上帝的慈父心怀:受伤的心

Sermon Outline

A Hurting Heart – Isaiah 49:15-18

God is a good Father

God can heal our hurting hearts.

  • Recommended book: Floyd McClung, The Father Heart of God

What will we do with our disappointments and pain?

  • We are permitted to hurt.
  • To deny our pain will cause it to build up and then explode.

Jesus Knew pain

  • Matthew 6:34, 8:26, 9:37, 10:16, 11:16-19, 13:57, 16:23, 17:17, 18:6, 21:13, 23:37, 26:21, 26:31, 26:40, 27:46
  • Isaiah 53:3
  • To not feel pain is ungodly, since God aches for our broken world.

A least two types of pain

  1. Pain of change
    • Can we mentor the younger generation best by guiding them in how to navigate their pain?
    • Will we choose vulnerability to do so?
  2. Pain of violation
    • Many violations; perhaps the hardest to overcome is when parents violate their children
    • Fathers are especially prone to practise violation
    • Many hesitate to approach God because they had a poor relationship with their fathers
    • God is especially a Father to these fatherless, the best kind of father
    • God also self-identifies as the best kind of mother: Isaiah 49:15-18

God is not male or female, but — like a good mother — will never forget us

  • He sees us through our pains and helps us recover
  • Jesus’ wounds were still visible after his resurrection
  • God can transform, even glorify, our own wounds
  • We need to rest in our Heavenly Father’s arms as he restores us
  • We cant rust the Father heart of God