Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021

Why Feel Condemned?


Rev. Dr. Axel Schoeber

Romans 8:1-4

Pastor’s Message

A Prayer for Good Friday: Loving God, this week in remembrance and awe, we tread the holy ground of Calvary. This place of abandonment has become the scene of our adoration. This place of suffering has become the source of our peace. This place of violence has become the battlefield on which love is victorious. Merciful God, as we relive the events of Good Friday, it is with awe we remember the cost of our salvation. Words are not enough to express our thanksgiving. Accept our worship and service, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

See you on Zoom at 7 p.m. for our Good Friday service, please ENTER HERE.

Some of you will enjoy this rendition of ‘Were you there when they crucified my Lord’ by Marion Williams –  LINK

I’ll reflect on Easter next week.  God bless you!  Axel

Special Announcements

Our Good Friday Service will take place a 7pm.  To join our service please click on the link above (Enter Here).

Our Easter Sunday Service will take place at our usual time of 10am on April 4 and you may use the link on the HOME page.

Hazel Boyd’s Memorial Celebration – Thank you all for attending Hazel’s memorial celebration from the Boyd family.  It meant so much to have you present, to see you and hear the many memories and comments.  This link will take you to the slide show presentation that began the celebration today.  It will be available for a limited time for viewing.  It is available in the weekly email.  If you wish to view it (it will be available for a limited time), call the office so it can be sent to you.

WVBC’s Easter Campaign “Kids at Risk” through Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) will provide hope and healing to orphans and vulnerable children in Rwanda.  As a church we have been involved in the Rwanda STEP Program for many years and we support this new endeavour.  Please donate to the campaign through this link (on our website) as the donation goes directly to CBM and not through us.  Thank you for your generous support!

Office closure: in order to reflect the latest BC Covid advice, it has been decided to close the office from April 1 to April 19. Telephone voicemails will be monitored regularly, and Toni Pankratz will be available at her normal email of toni@westvanbaptist.com