Widows and Single Women’s Group


In October 2018 we had our first meeting with eight women who shared the stories of their lives. Many of us were meeting for the first time. Some had experienced losses many years before but had never been involved in a group which understood what their journey was and how they were affected by it. We decided to explore topics that would be meaningful for us in developing our lives as they are now. Pamela Liedl had a vision to start this group and I was asked to facilitate it.

We made the decision to meet on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month in the adult lounge and we have had, for the most part, eight women each time. We hope this group can be an outreach in the community as our church moves forward. At our first meeting the topic was loneliness but we will discuss this more fully as time goes on.

We have had several social times, one at Christmas when we went out to a restaurant and shared our Christmas plans. Another was when Joan Gibbs invited us for lunch at her lovely penthouse condo.

Our topics for 2019 are health and wellness which will cover eating habits and exercise: both are crucial to all of us as we age. We will also study a new video series from Rick Warren on Setting Goals for the New Year, covering intellectual, physical, relational, and spiritual growth. Do you want to explore a few challenges that could help us all grow and not be complacent about where we are? We look forward to adding to our number and ministering to women who are alone.