We call our Children's Ministries (Babies through Elementary)...

MaNNa - More than just bread...

Manna is Spiritual nourishment of Divine origin.
On the Sabbath, God provided a measure of Manna to His people that they might rest.
Children's Ministry at WVBC partners with families to provide spiritual nourishment on Sunday mornings.

Babies to Grade 5 Sunday School
  • Babies/Toddlers - well equipped, safe and comfortable room for mothers, babies and toddlers to gather.  Parents can feed, change, rock and play with their wee ones while they listen to the service.
  • Preschool - 2 1/2 to 4 year olds
  • Kindergarten - Grade 1 class
  • Grade 2 to 5 Class

Kindergarten through Grade 5 children have the opportunity to celebrate together with their families in the service for about 15-20 minutes.  Upon dismissal the children move to integrated MaNNa groups in the CE Wing. The configuration of age groups is flexible depending on ages of children attending. 

Magma - morphing with God...
Pre-COVID Ministry with Grade 6 and 7 Sunday School
  •  Students in Grade 6 and 7 meet during the worship service for Bible-based curriculum offered through a variety of media designed to help them explore and discuss faith together.
  • Mid-week evening Bible study for girls who are interested and commit to beginners Bible study.
  • Social Events offered one Saturday per month. These are appealing, wholesome events that are designed for boys and girls to feel confident inviting friends.

PANDEMIC Sunday School

  • Took shape quite differently as we navigated how to gather and worship together considered how to best connect with our children. 
  • Our programs are offered on Zoom.  Sunday mornings turned out not to be the most effective time for children to engage families had limited devices to use and limited time to assist their youngsters.
  • Mid-week Special Event evening family Zoom workshops have been most well received.  These evenings were faith-based with a Bible story, brief lesson and ‘manufacturing’ component developed around special holiday times:  Advent, Valentines Day, Palm Sunday.
  • As zoom and pandemic weariness has increased, interest and availability of families has decreased. Virtual programming are offered when interest and commitment are expressed.
  • Through the pandemic there were too few students in Grade 6 and 7 to offer a Bible Class.  These few students were disappointed that Social Events were restricted by health protocols and did not find ‘online functions’ appealing.  

POST-PANDEMIC Sunday school – To Be Developed