We support the STEP partnership model because it is long-term, it is a mutual partnership, it focuses on the strengths of each of the three parties involved (WVBC, CBM, and AEBR Churches), and we are all held accountable including responsible financial stewardship.

We assist Canadian Baptist Ministries in Rwanda by additionally supporting Children of Hope, CBM Partners in MIssions Global Field Staff in Rwanda (Darrell and Laura Lee Bustin), CBM National Field Staff (Andre Sibomana), and The Sharing Way - CBM's emergency food relief and development department which works in Angola, Bolivia, El Salvador, India, South Sunday, Kenya as well as in Rwanda.

We support these programs because Scripture repeatedly tells us to remember the poor.  Canada is blessed with great natural resources and material privileges whereby we can give a helping hand to some of the most materially disadvantaged communities in the world.

For more information visit CBM - Rwanda