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Pastor's Message - Chris Kibble

We will be looking at the topic of ‘giving’ in our Sunday service, and in preparation, you may wish to read 2 Corinthians 8 - 9. But just to get us thinking, here’s a thought from writer Richard Foster:

‘When we let go of money, we are letting go of part of ourselves and part of our security. But this is precisely why it is important to do it. It is one way to obey Jesus' command to deny ourselves. When we give money, we are releasing a little more of our egocentric selves and a little more of our false security. Giving frees us to care. It produces an air of expectancy as we anticipate what God will lead us to give. It makes life with God an adventure in the world, and that is worth living for and giving for.’ 

Special Announcements

Awana: this fall we will be running the Awana Trek program for our young people commencing on September 14 in the Fireside Room. This program is a bible study that offers a structured learning environment for youth to engage with their faith and read the bible in a new and interesting light. Pre-registration is required and will be available on our website in due course, or by calling Mary Findlay in our office at 604-922-0911, or by email at 

Live stream:  We apologize for the issues last Sunday.  We were trying out new software that has a better view of the PowerPoint Presentation.  Unfortunately, it didn’t entirely work as hoped.  We are getting a new sound system soon, please be patient with us and pray for us as we work through the many technical and training issues.  Also, the closed captioning (CC) seems to only work once the sermon video has been processed. We have engaged professional assistance which has been very valuable.  Livestreaming has been important to several of our members who are unable to attend in person.  Our YouTube subscriptions keep climbing: once we reach 100, that will give us some added features.  We currently are at 51 subscribers.  Please note the service recording is available on our YouTube Channel.  A link can be found on the HOME page of our website. ( 

Serving opportunities: we’re always pleased if you’re able to help at WVBC. Some current needs are:  

  • Greeting and ushering
  • Technical work in support of the Sunday Service.

   If you can help, please contact Toni Pankratz in the church office.