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Pastor's Message

Derek Thomas writes ‘One recent summer, in a large urn that sits outside the front door of my house, a blue swift made a nest in which she laid six eggs. This beautiful, shy creature had made her home in my house. I felt privileged that I had been honored by her presence, even if my cat viewed it entirely differently. If I felt privileged when a bird nested by my door, how much more privileged should I feel knowing that the Holy Spirit has taken up residence in me? Our hearts should well up with gratitude and song at the mere thought of it. It is staggering.

Some of us take photographs when distinguished guests visit our homes. I love to glance through a "Visitor's Book" to see who has stayed in our home. On occasion I see the name of a well-known person or a dear friend. But none of this compares to having the Spirit permanently dwell in our hearts’. 

Special Announcements

Fall BBQ - September 11:  we are looking forward to having a Fall BBQ on September 11 after the service, and all will be welcome. We’d appreciate anyone who can help with organizing this event. Please call Toni in the office if you are available to help.

Awana: this fall we will be running the Awana Trek program for our young people commencing on September 14 in the Fireside Room. This program is a bible study which offers a structured learning environment for youth to engage with their faith and read the bible in a new and interesting light. Pre-registration is required, and will be available on our website in due course, or by calling Mary Findlay in our office at 604-922-0911, or by email at

Offering on Sunday:  A reminder that the yellow envelopes “Love Offering” are for the Benevolence Fund. The brown or blue envelopes are for normal giving. If you give regularly, please request “number” envelopes from the Envelope Secretary or the office. We send out white envelopes with a number that is assigned to your name and address. If you need more information please contact Judy Thompson at For those who are using e-transfers please remember to put your envelope number in the memo area as this speeds up the process of entering the information for charitable tax receipts.

Livestreaming: We continue to wait for a new sound cable for a clear and better sound on our live streaming. Please keep the technical team in your prayers.

Couch: one of our ‘shut in’ members needs a small couch. If you can contribute a couch, please contact Pastor Chris at

Serving opportunities: we’re always pleased if you’re able to help at WVBC. Some current needs are:

  • Greeting and ushering
  • Technical work in support of the Sunday Service

 If you can help, please contact Toni Pankratz in the church office.

Prayer Chain Small Groups