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Pastor's Message - Chris Kibble

Sandra McCracken wrote ‘A few years ago, I sat on the front porch of an old farmhouse in Vermont … with two friends. Above us, at the corner of the house, hung a hummingbird feeder. Tiny, winged visitors stopped by intermittently to eavesdrop while sipping nectar from the glass globe. Hummingbird wings move at about 50 beats per second. But when they (hover), hummingbirds can appear completely motionless. A miracle of fitness and form, God made these creatures to be a delicate display of paradox: They are still and active at the same time.

These birds are a moving metaphor for the kind of trust that God outlines in Isaiah 30:15: “You will be delivered by returning and resting; your strength will lie in quiet confidence” (CSB). When I think of God’s grace at play in my own life, my most successful moments happen when I hold steady at the center. Confidence is not found in productivity, but in quietness of heart. Our plans are not like his plans. As the hummingbird moves, his wings are invisible to us. So too the work of God is often hard to see in the moment, but nevertheless something remarkable is happening. This is what the Lord says: “Look, I am about to do something new; even now it is coming. Do you not see it?” 

Special Announcements

Thanks to those able to attend our special prayer time after the service last Sunday. We had a rich time of prayer focusing on our current Lead and Mandarin/Youth pastor searches.

Shut-ins: we have a number of attenders who are homebound and/or who would welcome a regular visit. Can you help? If you can visit a couple of people on a regular basis, we’d be very grateful. Please call Pastor Chris on 778.987.8102 if you can help.

Sunday Service Viewing: Watch the service on our website on Sunday mornings.  We start the streaming at 9:40am.  There are two options to view the service by clicking on the WVBC YOUTUBE CHANNEL or clicking on CHAT and then WATCH at the top of the HOME page.  If you prefer YouTube, please subscribe so you get a notification in your email when it goes live.   We’ve had some issues with Closed Captioning (CC) but will keep trying to get it available for subtitles in any language. Thank you for your patience. Please note if there are any issues with these options they will be noted on the HOME page. For further information, by all means, contact Judy Thompson at

Serving opportunities: we’re always pleased if you’re able to help at WVBC. Some current needs are:  

  • Greeting and ushering
  • Technical work in support of the Sunday Service
  • Pew materials maintenance

If you can help, please contact Toni Pankratz in the church office 

Day off: please note that Friday is Pastor Chris' day off, though he is always available in emergency situations.

Weekly Newsletter: The weekly Newsletter is sent by email to those who have requested it.  It is also what is on this NEWS page or found on the HOME page.