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Message from the Pastor - Ken Radant

It appears that winter has finally come to BC, with cooler temperatures this past few days and the prospect of a serious dip into the freezing zone tomorrow. Hopefully, you’re all staying warm and safe. For any who have to travel these days, please be careful, and know that our thoughts and prayers travel with you. The weather folk are promising us a little nicer temperatures by Sunday, so perhaps we’ll be able to gather this week without having to wear our heaviest woolly coats. Here's hoping!

I’m grateful for the warm and welcoming communities that nurture me, both at home and in our church. It’s so good to know that even when the environment is cold and a little harsh outside, I am enveloped in the kindness of loving people who journey life’s path with me. Thank you to all the wonderful people here at WVBC who are so encouraging and supportive!

Speaking of supportive community, this Sunday we’re going to have what is sometimes called an “installation service” at West Vancouver Baptist. I know these days that may make you think of installing software on your computer (yawn!), or installing new appliances in the kitchen (what a bunch of work!). But in the church world, an installation—sometimes also called an induction—is a formal welcome, affirmation, and commissioning of a new pastor. So, this will be the time when we do the official “welcome to your new pastoral role” ceremony. Our CBWC district leader, Larry Schram, will lead in that event. Larry will also be preaching, and I’m sure he’ll have a great message for all of us as well as a relevant challenge for me personally.

In the meantime, have a wonderful week. May you know the heart-warming and sustaining love of Christ in a tangible way, together with the encouragement of family and friends during this chillier-than-usual time.


Special Announcements

We are Hiring - Employment Opportunity

After many years as our trusted and reliable Bookkeeper, Mary Findlay, has reluctantly decided to leave this important role in our church. Of course, ordering our finances and payment processing is not all that Mary does at WVBC, so we trust and hope to continue to have Mary and Ray with us for a long time to come! Mary has graciously offered to continue until a suitable replacement is found - thank you, Mary! Inquiries for the role of Church Bookkeeper can be directed to our Treasurer, Tom Walker, by email at or by phone at 604-218-3697.

Opportunities to Serve

PowerPoint Operators - We are seeking volunteers to operate the PowerPoint slides on Sunday mornings.  We would like to have at least 3 more people who know how to use Microsoft PowerPoint.  This would enable serving only once per month.  We offer excellent training.  The hours are 8:15 am to about 11:20 am on Sunday.  Youth are welcome and will be given volunteer hours for their time. The early time is to go through the slides with the Worship team to catch any unforeseen typographical errors or missed slides.  If you have worked with PowerPoint this would be an asset.  Please contact Judy Thompson or Neil Bell for further information.

Welcome / Information Table

On Sundays we encourage visitors to visit the welcome table after the service, we are looking for “welcomers” to be at the table for 15-20 after the service.  Greet newcomers/visitors, encourage them to complete the information sheet, and answer basic questions about our Church.  Contact Tracey at if you would like to serve here.


Thank you from Pastor Bob and Marleen

My dear friends,

Marleen, Holly, and I would like to thank you for all your support, kindness, and love which you extended to us during my time as, interim Pastor.

We would especially want to thank you for the fantastic expression of your affection two Sundays ago. Words cannot begin to express the deep affection we have for you. Be assured of our daily prayers for you collectively and individually in the year ahead.