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Pastor's Message - Chris Kibble

It’s good to have a break, but it’s also good to be back.

Many thanks to Bob Bahr for his sermons and general support in the past weeks, and his friendship with WVBC and to me. It’s also always encouraging to be reminded that every church at times goes through periods of change. Through my friends in England, I learnt of 5 churches of which three were going through significant change, either of staff or governance.

At WVBC, I’ve been very impressed by the conscientious work of our Pastoral Search Committee. Also, as you may know, we had a very helpful Council retreat last weekend, ably led by Gerry Teichrob, where we reflected on clear church governance. It focused particularly on the respective roles of the Lead Pastor and Council. The word ‘retreat’ rather implies a relaxed time of fellowship and contemplation. Well, whilst we experienced good fellowship, this was a very focused working session! It was very useful work in preparation for the new Lead Pastor. 

Special Announcements

Youth movie night: there’ll be a movie night in the Fireside Room at 6pm on Friday,July 29, starting with pizza. The movie will be the Lord of the Rings ‘Fellowship of the Ring’.

Sunday Service Viewing: on Sunday morning the congregation has an option to view the Sunday morning service in several ways: 

  • On Sunday morning, on our website( click the top of the Home Page either CHAT or WATCH NOW.  We start the streaming at 9:40am.
  • There is now a new button on the HOME page that says WVBC YOUTUBE CHANNEL.  We are testing a new language option using closed caption translation (CC).  Or you can go directly to the WVBC YouTube Channel.
  • Follow the directions to try out the new channel To get subtitles in any language (once the streaming goes live) click on CC, then click on the GEAR icon and click subtitles, click on auto-generated, then click on the language you prefer.
  • There is also the Zoom option, which currently is the Mandarin Translation Service, which will not be used in the future if the YouTube option works well.

We would like your feedback on these options. Let us know if you are using either option and why.  Please note if there are any issues with these options they will be noted on the HOME page. For further information, by all means, contact Judy Thompson

Serving Opportunities: we’re always pleased if you’re able to help at WVBC. Some current needs are:  

  • Greeting and ushering
  • Technical work in support of the Sunday Service
  • Pew materials maintenance  
  • If you can help, please contact Toni Pankratz in the church office.

Weekly Newsletter: we put out a weekly newsletter to help people keep up with the activities and concerns of the church. If you are new to our fellowship - Welcome. We are so pleased that you have chosen to join us. If you would like to receive our weekly newsletter you can pick up the WELCOME VISITORS CARD in the pew in front of you and fill it out and check the “Receive Weekly Newsletter.” Please drop the card in the offering box in the foyer of the church. Thanks.