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From Dennis Sherman:

I am thankful for the congregation of  West Vancouver Baptist Church, a church with along history of partnership with Rwanda.  As an urban church, they have little direct involvement in agriculture, but through the Hopeful Gifts Catalogue they invited their people to be 'virtual farmers' and sponsor acres of land through CBM's Canadian Foodgrains Bank growing projects.  Canadian farmers  use the seed funding to grow a crop, donating all proceeds after sales to CBM's account at the Foodgrains Bank.

The church raised of $6,300 - covering the input cost fo over 21 acres of land in Canada.  This amount could grow to $10,500 when the crop is harvested.  Through a matching grant from GLobal Affairs Canada, this can result in up to $52,500 of food relief when it is used in places like Lebanon or South Sudan.  The church was thrilled with this result and is hosting a similar campaign for Easter 2021.