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Pastor's Message - Chris Kibble

In his bible, an elderly minister carried a bookmark that was made of silk threads woven into a motto. The back of the bookmark was a tangled web of crossed threads that seemed to be without reason or purpose. When the minister visited a home or hospital room where there was great trouble, sorrow, or death, he would frequently show the bookmark, first presenting the reverse side with all its unintelligible tangle. When the distressed one had examined it intently without finding meaning to the seeming disorder, the minister would ask him to turn the fabric over. Immediately, against a white silk background, there appeared a phrase in coloured threads ‘God is love’. That side made sense; it had order and meaning.

So it is in life. We often experience events that seem to be without explanation or meaning, like a maze of tangled threads. But when we are face to face with Christ and can view our life from eternity, we will see that in every detail – good and bad, pleasant and unpleasant – was woven together to show us that indeed ‘God is love’. 

Special Announcements
In-person Services

In-person services: we continue to ask that you remain fully masked apart from the situations described under ‘Masks’ below. Those who are fully vaccinated (required for age 12 and up) should continue to gather in the Sanctuary and those who are not vaccinated, and others if they choose, in the Fireside Room. Our Farsi group is in the Stage Room. When seated, we would encourage a ‘respectful’ distance between family groups.  

We aren’t having refreshments after the service, but by all means fellowship either in the foyer for the vaccinated, the Fireside Room for the unvaccinated, or the Stage Room for the Farsi group.  

For those who would prefer to join us from home, you can do so by joining our brand-new Livestream.  The stream is hosted on the WVBC website – you will see a large “JOIN NOW” button at the top of the home page when the service is live at 10:00am.  For our Mandarin participants, you can still watch the Livestream on ZOOM to hear the translated message.  You can join using this link.  

Masks: masks are required for all. They may be temporarily removed when physical distancing if you are partaking in communion, and if you are ‘officiating’ – emcee, giving announcements, leading prayer, calls to worship, benediction, spotlights on ministry presentations, preaching, scripture reading, advent candles - and if you are the lead singer of a song, hymn or carol 

Other News

Jeannette Bogdanow: it is with great sadness that we report the death of Jeannette Bogdanow.  She was a member of the church for many years, serving in a variety of capacities.  Ongoing prayers for her husband Alex and her family would be greatly appreciated.

Membership: Your Council would like to warmly recommend Stella Wang for church membership.  Please advise Hilary Blair if you have any objections.  Call the church office for Hilary's contact information.

Christmas stockings for the Lookout Society;  This Sunday, bring your $5, $10 or $20 notes to enable to Missions Committee to fill stockings for the poor and vulnerable in North Vancouver this Christmas.  Your support is welcomed and a bowl will be available in the foyer.

Shut-ins: Kathie Curtis is going to drop off a Christmas cheer package to any shut-in from our church congregation next week.  If you know of anyone, please contact the office for Kathie's contact information.

Baptism and Belonging: If you are considering baptism, or becoming a member of West Vancouver Baptist Church, we encourage you to consider the upcoming classes.  Click the button below.

Baptism and Belonging Info