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Pastor's Message - Chris Kibble

 In 1889. Christina Rossetti wrote: ‘Love came down at Christmas, love all lovely, love divine; Love was born at Christmas--Star and angels gave the sign. Worship we the Godhead, love incarnate, love divine; Worship we our Jesus--what should be our sacred sign? Love shall be our token, love be yours and love be mine; Love to God and neighbor, love for prayer and gift and sign’ Have a wonderful Christmas celebration as we remember God’s ‘incredible gift’. 

Special Announcements
Christmas Eve Service

Christmas Eve service, 5.00 pm: The animated story A Charlie Brown Christmas airs on one of the major television networks seasonally. The two producers who worked closely with Charlie Brown creator Charles Schultz remembered their desperate efforts to convince a network to show the special originally. All the major networks were hesitant. Finally, one agreed, and the great cartoonist got to work.   

In our service, along with carols, we’ll be telling the story of how ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ got aired – and the Christmas message in the story. It would be great if you can join us in person or online.

Masks: masks are required for all in our in-person services. They may be temporarily removed when physical distancing if you are partaking in communion, and if you are ‘officiating’ – emcee, giving announcements, leading prayer, calls to worship, benediction, spotlights on ministry presentations, preaching, scripture reading, advent candles - and if you are the lead singer of a song, hymn or carol