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Pastor's Message - Chris Kibble

I rather liked this description of church membership ‘Being a church member is a vocation, a way of life. It means participation in an intricate web of hospitality, living at the intersection of human need and God's grace, inhabiting a community where men and women who don't fit are welcomed, where neglected children are noticed, where the stories of Jesus are told, and people who have no stories find that they do have stories, stories that are part of the Jesus story. Being a church member places us strategically yet unobtrusively at a heavily trafficked intersection between heaven and earth.'

Special Announcements

Jane Sidjak's Retirement Book: if you didn't get a chance to sign Jane's book, you will still have an opportunity this coming Sunday. Cards and Scripture verses are appropriate to include.

We are seeking a Treasurer to replace Don Hill in April.  We encourage you to contact Mary Roberts if you are interested.  Please call the office for Mary's contact information.

Regent College will be opening registration for its summer programs on Wednesday, February 16. They comment ‘Regent’s Summer Programs 2022 will offer a rich time for discovery and refreshment, no matter how you choose to join us. With flexible options for on-campus and online study, we’re welcoming everyone to join our unique learning community this summer.'

Discussion: there will be a meeting immediately after the Sunday service (February 6) to discuss the Identity Statement that was attached to the weekly email.  The meeting will be introductory only and will follow an agenda (available in the weekly email).  Please note this meeting will NOT be on lifestream.  You can join the meeting by clicking the Mandarin Zoom Service on the HOME page on this website.  A link to the Identity Statement is available in the weekly email.  

Wyldlife is a pre-teen youth group (9-12 ages) held by Young Life North Shore and Highway Church. The next Wyldlife pre-teen clubs will be held at Memorial Community Center until Spring Break. They are located in the Capilano Room, a large multi-purpose room located on the ground floor of the building. See Michael Ames for more information  

The next Wyldlife Club is set for this Friday, February 4. Event Start: 6:15pm; Event End: 7:30pm. Location Address: 123 East 23rd Street, North Vancouver, BC V7N 2L3. Please note that masks will be worn. RSVP to