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Pastor's Message - Chris Kibble

Benjamin Franklin vividly remembered a visit he made as a young man to see the Puritan Preacher Cotton Mather and the life lesson learned. Franklin recalled:

"He was showing me out of the house, and there was a very low beam near the doorway. I was still talking when Mather began shouting, "Stoop! Stoop!" I didn't understand what he meant and banged my head on the beam. "You're young," he said, "and have the world before you. Stoop as you go through it, and you will avoid many hard thumps."

That advice has been very useful to me. I avoided many misfortunes by not carrying my head too high in pride. 

Lookout Society
A message from Megan Bowers

‘I just finished speaking to staff who were working at the Covid Relief Shelter over Christmas weekend. They stated that guests were amazed and very appreciative of the gift and that the stockings brought a smile to every face. One guest stated that it was a lovely surprise and that they had not been expecting this level of kindness and care over the holiday. Some commented that it was an awesome idea to give stockings, and one staff member stated they were grateful for the opportunity to work the day that they were handed out, to see just how much a kind gesture means to those who have less.

Thank you for this beautiful gift, from staff and guests in our community!’ 

Special Announcements

Children and Family Ministry - a message from Jane Sidjak: it’s great to be back worshipping together in the sanctuary. But in reality, the attendance of younger folk and young families is now considerably reduced in comparison with pre-pandemic. Additionally, I will be having my bone marrow transplant in February, and I will be effectively unavailable from the end of January.

I’d like to get together with as many of you who have the time on Tuesday, January 18 by Zoom at 7.00 p.m. We can share information and discuss options as we aim to continue to provide a special place for younger folk on Sunday mornings. The link is below. 

Zoom Discussion - Children & Family Ministry
Memorial Service for Jeanette Bogdanow

There will be a memorial service at the church on Saturday, January 29 at 1pm.  All are welcome

Mandarin Men's Fellowship

There will be a weekly Men's Mandarin Fellowship immediately after the Sunday morning service in the Adult Lounge, starting Sunday, January 16.

Seeking a Church Treasurer

Our current Treasurer's Council term ends soon and we need to replace Don Hill in April.  We encourage you to suggest a candidate to Mary Roberts.  For contact information please contact the office.