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Pastor's Message - This week from Dennis Shierman of Canadian Baptist Ministries

Dear West Vancouver Baptist Church,

Blessings to all of you! Thank you for taking part in the Hopeful Gifts campaign! Last Christmas, you partnered with us to sponsor land used to help feed people in need through the Grow Hope project. In addition, your church helped farmers in Canada grow crops with proceeds going to help feed vulnerable people through our local partnerships in countries like South Sudan, Lebanon, Congo, Kenya and Rwanda. We'd like to share with you a little more about this project. Each year the process begins again.  This may be one of the more profound concepts of a Grow Hope. It is an annual event—a yearly hope for feeding people in need.  We start the plant.  Some fields receive wheat, others corn or barley.  Local farmers, already working long hours, volunteer a few more for the local Grow Hope.  Seed companies and area folk help where they can.  Fields are secured, and needs are met or surpassed.

The overwhelming sense is that God is at work, and we will see the miracle of growth and community.  There is a sense of hope when the dry soil starts to show the first of the green shoots.  Then, very quickly, it is followed by a solid carpet of leaves and growth.  There will be a sense of hope and prosperity as the field goes through whatever God in His nature gives it to endure.  People will visit the Grow Hope, and youth groups might drop by to observe, churches may picnic nearby.  CBM Reps will almost certainly be videoed in the field, bringing updates.

Sometimes the Grow Hope fields have a Blessing of the Fields and later a Celebration of Harvest. Then, later in the season, the harvest will take place.  Always a time of celebration as we serve and grow together to bring hope to the world around us.

Thank you for being part of the hope that is in a Grow Hope!  As we work together, you will help bring the hope of nourishment, emergency relief, food and food security to the vulnerable of the world.  They will be able to eat because you invested in Grow Hope Projects.  God Bless You and come see the fields. Thank you for your part in supporting our mission.

Dennis Shierman, Western Canada Representative and Major Donor Strategist, CBM   

Special Announcements

Donating; We are changing our recurring credit cards to, so we are requesting that you open an account on our website under DONATE then scroll to HOW TO SET UP AN ACCOUNT.  Once you set-up an account, please let Judy or Toni know so we can remove your information from Moneris. If you need assistance, please contact Judy Thompson.  Judy is in the church office on Mondays from 10am to 2pm or you may contact her at  We will be moving all current recurring credit cards to soon.  It is important to let us know if you have set-up an account.  

Looking to the Future:  We are actively perusing live streaming capability for reopening the Sunday morning services. Zoom is great but getting back into our beautiful Sanctuary to worship together will be something to look forward to, though some will not feel comfortable to join a large group and like the comfort and ease of Zoom. Livestreaming is another option to watch the service at home. If you are interested in serving on Sunday mornings with us, please contact Neil Bell  at or Judy Thompson at  

Mid-Week Communion: Mid-week communion started this past week. Pastor Axel will offer communion for three more sessions, July 7, 14 and 21. We will continue to follow BC Government Safety protocols, requesting that you wear a mask until fourteen days after your second vaccination. We look forward to seeing you.

Small Groups: We look forward to welcoming back our groups. Please contact your group leader to see when your group is resuming at the church. Watch our Website for new developments concerning our re-opening steps  

Sermons on the Website:  Unfortunately, last week’s English sermon is not available on the website (due to technical issues), but the Mandarin one is available.  Axel’s prayer is in English at the end of the Mandarin video, if you are interested.  Each week the Sermon Outline is available on the website for those who are interested in following the speaker.  You will find Scripture verses and more.