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Pastor Axel's Message

Two things on my mind this week.

First, I feel I need to reinforce something I said on Sunday. You will not find any statements in the Bible telling you to be vaccinated against COVID-19 nor will you find any statements in the Bible telling you not to be vaccinated. There are research and strong inclinations behind both positions, but not scriptural instructions. However, you will find in the Bible clear instructions about how to treat brothers and sisters in the faith who hold a different opinion from you. Please look at Romans 14 and read it carefully. There are other passages that teach similarly. If we want to “make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace” (Ephesians 4:3), we leave room to love and respect fellow congregants who have come to a different conclusion from us regarding the question of vaccination. Will we be indignant or will be accepting? The choices we make on this issues (and others) will determine the strength and vitality of our life and witness going forward.

Second, I was touched in receiving an email from Andre Sibomana in Rwanda saying he was praying for us in British Columbia during our heat wave that caused a spike in unexpected deaths just last week. Andre is the key leader in Rwanda who relates to our congregation as part of our STEP partnership with the church there through Canadian Baptist Ministries. We receive Andre’s prayers gladly.   

Special Announcements

 Sunday Service: Neil is out of town, so we will be having pre-recorded music at our service again.  We apologize for not being able to show the lyrics to the music, but we are attaching the song lyrics to this Newsletter. Please print them out or view them from an alternative device on Sunday. We look forward to having Neil and his team back on Sunday, July 18.

 Donating:  Thank you to those who have set up their own giving account on Access is through our website, clicking DONATE, and then Give Online now.  If you have not set up an account, don’t worry.  We will transfer your information from our current provider to the new one.  You may receive an email or phone call for more information from either Toni Pankratz or Judy Thompson.  

Mid-Week Communion: Pastor Axel will offer two more sessions, July 14 and 21. All are welcome at 1pm. 

 Small Groups: We look forward to welcoming back our groups. Please contact your group leader to see when your group is resuming at the church. Watch our Website for new developments concerning our re-opening steps.

Small Group Re-opening Prayer - Prayer Chain