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Pastor's Message - Axel

I am thinking about when we re-open. There is anticipation in the air and we rejoice. There is no doubt God has made us social creatures and we are better off being with others than being on our own too much. Like many I am eager to be together again in-person.

However, as we move toward that goal, restrictions continue and I ponder how to respond to the current circumstance. Here is my thinking. I will gladly move to in-person worship when the restrictions allow us to engage together in a way that is equally good or better to what we are doing together online over Zoom.

Currently we are not allowed more than 50 people in the sanctuary, which means we will divide up our congregation. Each week we have about 100 log-ins on Zoom, representing about 150 people. In addition, the people who gather in the sanctuary are not permitted to sing nor to visit with one another before or after the service.

I judge the Zoom service, which everyone can join at the same time (with a recording available for others through our website), in which we can sing, and with breakout rooms in which much visiting and prayer take place better than in-person worship under current restrictions. Sometime soon lighter restrictions will permit us to do equally well or better in-person. Then, it will be time to return to our sanctuary. At least, that is what I think and I thought I should share my process with you. The Lord bless you! 

Special Announcements

New Website: If you haven't done so as yet, please take a look and scroll through the website. The Sunday sermons are ready to view on Tuesday afternoons.  We are once again using YouTube, please go and subscribe to the West Vancouver Baptist Channel. Please let us know what you think!  Training will be offered for our ministries to maintain their own part of the site.  Watch for more information.

Giving: You can donate on the website or you can download the app from Google Play or App Store to donate on your mobile phone.  Make sure you are donating to West Vancouver Baptist Church or you may donate to the church down the block! Clear instructions are on the website on how to set-up an account. If you are currently a recurring credit card donor you will be receiving an email about transferring your information to  For all giving queries or help, please contact Judy Thompson at  She is also in the church office on Mondays 10am to 2pm. 

Diaper Drive for the Harvest Project:  A huge thank you to everyone for participating in our Diaper Drive for the families assisted by the Harvest Project. 

Church and office openings:  The office has resumed regular hours of 9am to 2pm, Tuesdays through Thursdays. We will continue to monitor our phone calls and our emails, so please leave us a message, or request a meeting and we will be happy to accommodate you! 

Helping and Praying Hands
Job, Volunteer, and Prayer Opportunities

Looking to the Future: Do you know what livestreaming is?  Quite simply it’s the act of transmitting live footage over the internet to an active audience. Do you have experience with video production?  Zoom is great but getting back into our beautiful Sanctuary to meet and great each other in person, to worship with a live band, to share a coffee and chat is something we all are looking forward to experiencing.  Though some will not feel comfortable to join a large group and like the comfort and ease of Zoom. Livestreaming is another option to watch the service at home. If you are interested in helping us plan, and engage this technology please contact Neil Bell at and Judy Thompson at

Employment Opportunities:  Journey Home Community is seeking two individuals for employment positions:  1) Volunteer and Event Supervisor - Full Time, 2) “Meanwhile Spaces” Supervisor - Full Time/Contract.  For more information and for full position descriptions, visit or contact Russ Fox at 604.418.5112.

Prayer Chain: This vital ministry has been refreshed.  If you would like to be a part of the prayer team, or need more information, please contact Jane Sidjak at  Please be assured our prayer chain is confidential, prayer request are received by email and no experience is necessary.  There is a contact form directly to Jane.  Please use the button below for your prayer requests or information needs.

Prayer Chain