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Pastor's Message

Do you know it is impossible to lead a Christian life? At least, in our own strength it is. This Sunday we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

When Jesus ascended to heaven, he promised to give the Holy Spirit to all his followers. Previously the Holy Spirit was given to only a small number of people for specific empowering at a specific time. Since Pentecost the Spirit comes to reside in all who believe in Jesus. We can forget about his presence in our lives and carry on much as we did before we believed. However, if we wish to live faithfully we need to draw on his presence frequently. When we do, he helps us and transforms us. Praise God for his bountiful gift of the Holy Spirit!

Special Announcements

Website: we’ll be launching a new church website on June 1 based on the software package. The package is used by many churches in the Lower Mainland and amongst a number of advantages, it offers an opportunity for our ministries to maintain their own part of the site. We’ll be updating you with further information in due course but if you have any queries by all means call Chris on 778 987 8102.

Calling all grads: on June 13, we’ll be honouring grads in our service. We’d really like to pray for you at that time – so if you’re graduating, please let Toni know in the office, giving us your name and where you’re graduating from.

Office closure: in order to reflect the latest BC Covid advice, the church office remains closed. Telephone voicemails are monitored regularly, and Toni Pankratz is available in the office at 604.992.0911.  We’ll keep you updated as to future plans.

Sunday, June 6, 2021 - Guest Speaker: Larry Schram from the CBWC B.C., Yukon Regional Minister.