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Pastors Message

This Sunday is Trinity Sunday in the church calendar. Here is a verse to ponder: ‘Jesus replied, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them.”’ (John 14:23)

Earlier in the chapter our Lord talked about sending the Holy Spirit (which happened on Pentecost!) to be with us forever. (v. 16) Why would the Almighty Triune God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—choose to dwell within us? Purely and simply: love! God loves us so much! He will dwell in us to guide us through life, to change our responses to situations to make them more redemptive, to fill us with assurance and joy—and more.

The Almighty God of love makes his home in us who believe in Jesus. Think deeply about it—and marvel.

Special Announcements

Website: we’ll be launching the church website on or soon after June 1 based on the software package. The package is used by many churches in the Lower Mainland. We’ll be starting with a basic implementation. However, in due course, there’ll be opportunity to use the package facilities for service livestreaming, church newsletter etc. It also offers an opportunity for our ministries, with suitable training, to maintain their own part of the site.

Giving: Our new website has a unique feature when donating online – you will have the option to set-up an account.  This gives the ability for donors to set up recurring donations and to view your giving records online.  Information on how to sign up are provided on the new website.  We will also be contacting our current recurring donors with options in transferring their information to the new provider. For those who wish to give using their mobile device, you will also be able to download the app from Google Play or App Store.

For all giving queries, contact Judy Thompson at once the new website has been launched.

Small Group leader training: if you’ve not led a small group or would like a refresher on small group leading, consider joining Jane Sidjak and Chris Kibble at 7.00 p.m. on the evening of Thursday June 17 by Zoom for a training session. And if you’re a veteran leader, why not come and share your experience? If you’d like to be part of the evening, or if you have any queries, please drop a note to Jane at

Cycling: Did you know that cycling improves your mental well being?  Why not join Chris Kibble for Saturday morning rides, starting this Saturday May 29. We’ll be meeting at John Lawson Park at 9.30 a.m. and cycling east, stopping briefly at the point where Harbourside Place meets the water (arr. 10.00 a.m). Then we’ll continue to coffee at Lonsdale Quay, arriving at around 10.15 a.m. Meet us at any of the points going east, or join us for the westbound return journey. Rain or shine! Call Chris on 778.987.8102 if you have any queries.

Church and office openings: It is good that our province has announced a restart from the restrictions caused by COVID-19. Stage 4—which cannot launch before September 7—anticipates the full resumption of public gatherings, including worship services without restrictions. We are now in stage 1, which is quite cautious. It only allows us to host indoor gatherings of 10 people. Since most of our groups are larger in number we will continue under present arrangements. Stage 2 is tentatively targeted to begin on June 15. It will allow for indoor gatherings of up to 50 people—though they have to be seated! At that time, we can start to make some appropriate plans.

In light of the slow reopening, staff will be around the office more than they have been the past 6 weeks. We are not yet restarting normal office hours, but will let you know when we do. Continue to leave us phone messages and emails. We love to stay in touch! We thank everyone for their patience.

Sunday, June 6 - Guest Speaker: Larry Schram  (CBWC) BC Yukon Regional Minister.