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Message from Axel

Mothers Day is coming. Let me share a family story as a reflection on the ambiguities of life. My Omi (German for grandmother–my mother’s Mom) was a very determined woman. Her resourcefulness and determination allowed her to rescue her 4 children from advancing Red Army troops toward the end of World War II. The family would have ended up either stuck behind the Iron Curtain or dead. She applied that same determination to keep my mother from dating my father. It was so bad Mom and Dad decided on a life together in Canada. Later my Omi regretted her earlier attitude. Yet, without this opposition I would still be living in Germany and never have met my wife and . . .

This story reminds me that God sees the big picture and we do not. Our pains and difficulties can be the way the Lord redirects our lives for the better. I stand in wonder. I also remain grateful for what mothers usually do for their families. Imperfect though we all are, most of us owe much to them. Happy Mothers Day to all our Moms!

Special Announcements

Facilities committee: if you would like to help with church maintenance, Don Hill would be pleased to hear from you. You can help by giving oversight to maintenance projects or if you have maintenance skills, by actually undertaking some of the work.  Call the office for Don’s contact information.

Happening this Week

DivorceCare: each Saturday at 10:30am through to July 17.

Boundaries: each Monday evening at 7pm through to June 28.

Mandarin Bible Study: each Thursday at 8pm