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Pastor's Message - Chris Kibble

In the first century, baptismal candidates approached the baptismal ceremony wearing old clothes. Allowing for modesty, these were stripped off as they entered the waters of baptism, and on surfacing, they put on new clothes. The old clothes represented the old life, while the new clothes characterized the new life in Christ. What a wonderful way to highlight the change when we become Christians. We’ll be celebrating the new life of four candidates on Sunday as they are baptized. Please do join us! 

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Message for Jane Sidjak

I’ve been delighted to serve at West Vancouver Baptist church since 2006. My earlier focus was children’s ministry but more recently I’ve also focused on discipleship and general administration in support of our Pastors. I’ve particularly enjoyed working with Pastor Chris. Through prayer and consultation, God has led me to the decision to retire on February 18, 2022.

This has been a really difficult decision, but I think that the church needs to be able to recruit my replacement appropriately. I love this body of believers and hope to be able to serve at West Vancouver Baptist Church for many years to come. 

Further details available in the weekly church email.


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