Set up your account
If you have a recurring credit card with WVBC and have set up an account on the website please let the office know using the NEED HELP? form below so we can cancel your WVBC account.
  1. Click on Sign Up.
  2. To create an account put in your first and last name, email, create a password and a four digit pin and submit.
  3. Your account has been created successfully!  Click OK.
  4. Enter your credit card information and make a donation.  You will be asked "are you sure?"  To donate click "yes".
  5. Option to set up recurring donation by week or month.
  6. You have the option to cover the fees  (2.9% plus 30¢) .
  7. Envelope # - Use your envelope number.  If you don't have an envelope number call the office to receive a number. (604.922.0911)
  8. With an account, if you wish, you can donate to multiple funds (ie General, Missions, etc.) Click on the +add
  9. Next time you wish to give you can LOGIN with your credentials. (using only your PIN)

Be sure to keep your password and pin number in a safe place.

Need Help?

Use the contact form if you need help in setting up an account or wish to transfer your current credit card to the giving. Add your phone number in the Message area so we can confirm your request.

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