Revelation 1:1-20
God's Gonna Win

God's Gonna Win

We live today in uncertain and perilous times.

The Book of Revelation was written by the apostle John - Jesus’ beloved disciple and the author of the gospel of John. At this time the Church was enduring a time of severe persecution at the hand of the Roman Empire. 

  1. Jesus is present in the midst of His suffering Church
    • Jesus knows what is happening and he is with you
    • Jesus knows your hard work
    • Jesus knows your suffering
    • Jesus knows your feelings of abandonment
    • Jesus knows your fears
    • You are not alone - Jesus is present with you
  2. God wins in the end so don't give up
    • Jesus is the fulfillment of prophecy
    • He is the central figure in history
    • Jesus is the one to whom all the Kingdoms of the world are given
  3. Loyalty to Jesus is what counts
    • Today, we are constantly being bombarded with values that are contrary to the ethnicity of the kingdom of God
    • Our love for Jesus and faithfulness to His kingdom values is what counts in God's eyes
    • If we love Jesus we will do what he says
    • We need to be on our guard