Acts 19
What a Powerful Name it Is

What a Powerful Name it Is

I.           Introduction

II.         A quick overview

III.       Two key themes: power, and the name of the Lord Jesus

In scene 1 (vv. 1-7) Disciples of John the Baptist

    • Power for Christian living is related to receiving, understanding, and embracing the Christian message

In scene 2 (vv. 8-12) Extraordinary miracles

    • This wasn’t the norm
    • God is the one doing the miracles
    • Miracles were connected to teaching ministry

In scene 3 (vv. 13-16) The shaming of the sons of Sceva

    • The power of Jesus’ name has nothing to do with magical words we pronounce, and everything to do with our relationship to Jesus

In the summary (vv. 17-20) The name of Jesus was honoured

    • Fear and honor
    • “Thus according to power the word of the Lord grew and was strong”

IV.      So what?

    • There is always power in a healthy Christian faith
    • That power is sometimes miraculous, but always life-transforming
    • We correctly speak of power “in Jesus’ name”
    • “In Jesus’ name” is about relationship, representation, and reputation