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Message from Pastor Bob

Most of the schools around BC closed for the summer holidays this week.  The teachers and staff will be finishing up next week before taking a well-deserved break.  Summertime is a special time, the pace of life seems to slow a bit.  A number of families in our community will be travelling aboard and nationally to visit family and friends.  We pray for safe travels and happy reunions with loved ones.     

This Sunday I will be speaking in the Mandarin Fellowship and Tom Walker will be speaking in the sanctuary. Here is a note from Tom “I am very pleased to serve you this coming Sunday to bring a message of encouragement and challenge, following up on Bob’s message of unity in diversity from last Sunday. I’m excited to continue to celebrate Canada Day on Sunday as we consider under whose Dominion we inhabit this great country. In the meantime, fly your flag, and tell your story of being a Christian in Canada!”  

Enjoy the warm presence of our Lord as the week unfolds. 

Special Announcements

Livestream: For those who joined the live stream last Sunday we apologize.  We worked valiantly to fix the static and no sound issues but unfortunately were unable to find the issue.  This week we discovered that the solder on the audio plug from the soundboard to the camera was loose and dangling.  This has been repaired and tested so we are hopeful that the sound will be great this coming Sunday.  Pastor Bob has agreed to record his sermon “Conflict from Within” with Amber, which we will upload to our website.  Thank you for your prayers and support. 

Opportunities to serve:

  • We are looking for a volunteer to assist Judy Thompson in her role as Envelope Secretary. An assistant is required when Judy is away, and with the possibility of being the Envelope Secretary in the future. Must be available on Tuesdays. The person in this position handles sensitive information and is required to uphold the extreme level of confidentiality currently demonstrated by Judy. If you are interested please contact Judy at 
  •  Our audio and video teams are urgently looking for people to serve on Sunday mornings.  Training will be given. If you are interested and would like to know more please contact Neil Bell at