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Message from Pastor Ken

It looks like Vancouver winter is back this week with the return of the rain. I trust that it isn’t dampening anyone’s spirits and that the week is going well for all.

All of a sudden, we’ve arrived at the end of February. I’m always amazed at how quickly the calendar turns. As I mentioned in the last newsletter, this will also be the final week in our series on the book of Acts. It’s been great to go through Luke’s account of the birth of the church and the missionary journeys of the Apostle Paul. But all good things must come to an end—and of course, there are valuable lessons to glean from other parts of Scripture as well.

In recent weeks we’ve looked at several individual passages, some a bit shorter and some a bit longer. This Sunday’s message will be different, in that it will scan across the final 8 chapters of the book, recounting Paul’s imprisonment in Judea and his journey to Rome. We won’t have time to dig into the details, but we’ll have a chance to think about some of the big themes that unfold as we consider a larger chunk of the overall story. This may feel a little odd, since it’s not how most sermons unfold today. But it’s actually quite appropriate. When the NT letters were first written and shared in the church, it was customary to have someone read an entire letter or book from end to end in a single meeting. (I’m sure our Scripture readers are glad we don’t follow that example!) So, we’re doing something Luke might have expected his readers to do when he penned the Acts of the Apostles.

If you haven’t had a chance to do it yet, I recommend taking a little time to read (or at least scan) over Acts 21-28 before we come together. As I said last week, it will add richness to the message and will fill in some gaps where we have to move quickly across the landscape. I’ve certainly been challenged and encouraged in my preparation, and I’m hoping you’ll find the same as we walk through Luke’s account.

I should add that I’m planning for a brief question-answer discussion time after this Sunday’s service. This will be an opportunity to talk a little about questions or insights that may come up in this week’s message, or over the past weeks as we’ve made our way through Acts. It will be an informal time, not a class or lesson, and there’s no pressure on anyone to join. But occasionally I’ve heard people say they appreciate the chance to discuss our messages, and this seems like a good time to talk together. We’ll start after people have time to stretch and get a coffee, and will go for 30-40 minutes or until everyone runs out of things to talk about.

Looking further ahead … beginning on March 3 we’ll go into a brief 1-month series exploring some biblical themes that help us to understand the death and resurrection of Jesus, culminating in our Easter Sunday service on March 31. Then in April, we’ll turn to another biblical book—but I’ll say more about that in the coming weeks.

Special Announcements

Wedding Announcement: Congratulations to Michael and Christina Ames on their marriage.  They were married in an intimate ceremony by Pastor Ken on Saturday, February 3 at the Capilano Golf Club.  The couple would like you all to know that they will be having another wedding celebration at WVBC on October,12 and we are all invited.  Blessings to Mr. and Mrs. Ames!

"Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow." Ecclesiastes 4:9-13

Church Bookkeeper: The Finance Committee is very pleased to announce that Rong Chen will succeed Mary Findlay as our Bookkeeper! Rong has been in fellowship with us since last fall and comes to us with a wide accounting background and experience in non-profit and church settings. Rong was among several very qualified candidates whom we thank for their willingness to serve the church in this important role. Above all, we thank Mary Findlay for her many years of faithful service!

Thank you, Les and Morgan: You may have already noticed the large blue bin on our upper parking lot.  It will be here for a couple of weeks as Les and a friend, Morgan, will be clearing up our garden.  Lots of branch trimming and cutting back has already happened.  Take a walk around on Sunday.  Thank you Les so much for neatening up the grounds.

2023 YEAR-END CHARITABLE RECEIPTS: Receipts were emailed on February 13. If you didn’t receive the email, please check your junk mail (just in case).  The receipt is an attachment to the letter from Tom Walker.  Please make sure that we have your correct email address and your mailing address if you moved during the last year.  If we didn’t have your email address they will be available in the foyer on February 18 and 25.  Any left after February 25 will be mailed. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Judy Thompson, Envelope Secretary via email or call on Tuesdays between 10 am – 3 pm.