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Pastor's Message - Pastor Chris

Listening to Bob Bahr's fine sermon last Sunday, I was reminded of this story about John Knox. While very ill John, the founder of the Presbyterian Church in Scotland, called to his wife and said, "Read me that Scripture where I first cast my anchor." After he listened to the beautiful prayer of Jesus recorded in John 17, he seemed to forget his weakness. He began to pray, interceding earnestly for his fellowmen. He prayed for the ungodly who had thus far rejected the gospel. He pleaded on behalf of people who had been recently converted. And he requested protection for the Lord's servants, many of whom were facing persecution. As Knox prayed, his spirit went Home to be with the Lord. The man of whom Queen Mary had said, "I fear his prayers more than I do the armies of my enemies," ministered through prayer until the moment of his death. It's a reminder for us. 

Special Announcements

Church Services:  we had provisionally planned to have in-person services on September 12. This was dependent on the completion of the washroom project and the installation of appropriate equipment such that live and broadcast services are possible. This remains our plan, though the delivery of the equipment has been delayed. We also are also still planning to have our Welcome Back BBQ on September 19 

The latest information we have from the BC Centre for Disease Control (August 24) is ‘Worship services are exempt from both the provincial mask mandate that requires mask use in indoor public spaces and the requirement to provide proof of immunization against Covid 19 to access some events, services and businesses. However, faith leaders are supported to implement these additional measures in their in-person services should they desire to do so’. 

We appreciate that there are considerable differences of opinion on the importance of vaccination and the wearing of masks when getting together. Churches are varying widely in their practices. At WVBC, we respect both the majority view and the advice from the BC Centre. Don Hill will therefore be sending out a questionnaire in the next day or so to obtain people’s views on these issues. Whatever the outcome, our regular Zoom services will of course continue.

Other meetings: we are advised by the CBWC (Canadian Baptist of Western Canada) that 'as of September 13, Board meetings and workshops will require proof of at least one vaccination.  As of October 24, only people who are fully vaccinated can attend.'

Our plans, therefore, have to remain flexible - however, we will update you regularly on the above.

Noteworthy Information

Financial update from Don Hill, Treasurer: Year to date (to the end of July) income has been $352,900.  Total expenditures have been $309,340.  The net result is that we are substantially in the black.  There are two reasons for this; 1) we had some extraordinary donations of $90,000 that are not expected to be repeated and 2) in the current situation expenses are down but these will increase once we go back to more normal operations (hopefully this is just a matter of when). Thank you for your steady contributions.

Sermons on the website: Please note that the weekly Sunday sermons will usually be available on the church website by Tuesday afternoon for both the English and Mandarin services.  You may also subscribe to the West Vancouver Baptist YouTube channel to receive notification once the sermon has been uploaded. To access the account please click YouTube. The English and Mandarin sermons are available. We give thanks to Jon Thompson who edits the sermons each week. 

Adult Lounge:  Due to the replacement siding project, the water line to the adult Lounge had to be disconnected.  The Adult Lounge will be without water for approximately two weeks. The washrooms in the CE Wing are available.   

Kitchen Update: Our kitchen is presently closed for two weeks and is undergoing an update. Please make alternative plans during this time. 

Prayer Chain Small Group Information