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Message from Pastor Bob

God has been so good to us as a church.

The Sunday morning attendance has been growing steadily and we are blessed to have new friends join us every week. Personally, I’m thrilled to see the fellowship that takes place over coffee after the service in the church foyer. I want to thank so many of you who volunteer behind the scenes to provide your time to make sure that things run smoothly.

This Sunday I was planning to be away but the guest speakers we asked to fill in at the pulpit were not available. As a result, I will be preaching a message I planned for next week. This will be providential as you will see on Sunday. Please read Acts 13:1-3 in preparation for this week's message which I have entitled “Discernment and the Will of God.”

Together I want us to reflect on how God leads us to discern His will for our lives and church.

On another note, this was a week where many of us set aside a day for prayer and fasting. As a staff, we chose Monday as our collective day of prayer. I can’t stress how important Prayer is in the life of a church. Prayer allows us to spend time in the presence of our Triune God. With this in mind, I would like to include a poem My wife Marleen revised this past week.

May the joy of our Triune God’s presence fill you with Joy.

So Precious to Me
By Marleen Bahr

You are my Almighty Triune God!
Loving Heavenly Father, Jesus, the Son of God, my Redeemer,
The Holy Spirit, sent by the Father; my constant companion and guide.
You are my refuge and strength and my security for each day
Jesus; You are the Rock on which I stand secure;
You are the cornerstone on which I’ve built my life.
You are my foundation for today, my security till I see you face to face.
In you, I find faithfulness, freedom, fondness, forgiveness and friendship.
You are my running coach till I cross the finish line of life’s designated race.
Precious, precious Jesus, you came to show us the way to freedom.
Precious, Holy Father, You cover me with the warmth of Your unconditional love.
Beyond compare is the gift of Your Holy Spirit who shows me the Father’s face!
How I marvel as I participate in the intimacy of this triune fellowship!
You are so incredibly precious to me.
Nothing else compares!
How very precious!