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Message from the Pastor - Bob Bahr

The sunshine and the warmth are so welcome. I just returned from a time of reflection on the beach in Ambleside.

It was such a joy to watch Moms with their children enjoying each other’s company. The special bond between children and Moms reminded me of the delight we experience when we take time to look into the face of Jesus and the joy He finds in each one of us.

This Sunday (Palm Sunday, April 2), Ken Radant will be bringing the morning message entitled; “Time to Lift up the King” from John 12:1-26. Please read through this passage. As you do, I would invite you to meditate on the extravagant nature of God’s love for you. Notice how it impacted Mary’s life and the reaction her actions produced in the hearts of those who were present. Have there been times in your life when your love for Jesus has caused others to take offense?

In closing, I would ask you to pray for our beloved friend Michael Wei. Just over 12 days ago Michael’s sister Yvonne passed away. Michael was at her side when she went home to be with Jesus. And early this week his mother Jeanette passed away peacefully in her sleep. Jeanette has been a faithful member of our church for over 30 years. She occupied the same place in the church for many of those years. Her presence, faith, and generosity will be missed. Each Sunday she took time to tell me how much she loved me. Personally, I will miss her very much.

Please pray for Michael. This is a very difficult time in his life.

May the Father draw near to all of us this week with a renewed sense of His extravagant love. 

Special Easter Offering
Steps to End Hunger

We will be taking a special Easter offering on Sunday, April 2, and April 9. 

Together with your help, the Canadian Baptist Family has set a goal of $100,000 to help ensure people have access to food.

There will be special offering envelopes available at the Information Table.

For more information please SEE MORE